Marmalade & Jams

Marmalades, Jams & Chutney
Marmalades, Jams & Chutney all made at Emerald Creek Ice-Creamery.

Our philospy at Emerald Creek Ice-Creamery is all about using as much local produce as we can that is grown here, on the Tablelands. In an effort to find more ways to use our beautiful Tableland fruits, we’re developing a line of Marmalades and Jams. Our products


Made using our locally grown citrus (some of it our own garden), this marmalade is a different. Why?

  1. Because it is rindless; that is it has NO PEEL. We know some people hate picking out all the bits so this is a great option if you love the marmalade but not the peel.
  2. Taste – We think our marmalade has a unique taste – all that gorgeous citrus tang, without being overly bitter. In fact, we have produced a soft caramel-honey flavour in our marmalade. And whilst it’s great on toast, our customers are using it in everything from their cake icing, to basting their roast turkey dinner!
  3. Our marmalade is made in the traditional manner using a special recipe developed here at Emerald Creek-Ice Creamery. We do NOT use preservatives, colours or an other nasties. It’s real marmalade, made the way grandma did (just minus the peel).


Strawberries and blueberries are grown in abundance in the Tablelands, so we have made a special blend of the two fruits and developed a gorgeous Strawberry & Blueberry Jam. It is a wonderful blend that bursts with that fresh fruity berry flavour; ideal on your morning toast, or our lovely home-cooked scones.


The Mareeba district is known for its many mango farms, and is there anywhere in the world that can grow beautiful mangoes as well as we can? To make the most of our lovely fruit, we’ve started making lovely chutney; Chilli Mango Chutney. Delicious on meats, cheese or your favourite curry, our chutney has a great chilli zing without being too hot.