Chris Long Poem

Don’t Sell Australia Out by Chris Long

Chris Long is a well known local identity, Bush Poet and Potter. It is Chris’s beautiful pottery that you see on display at the Ice-Creamery. Chris, however, is also well-known for his poem, Don’t Sell Australia Out.

If you would like to print out a copy of the poem, click here, Don’t Sell Australia Out.


Chris is a truly local character who has lived and worked in the region since the late 1970s. Originally he arrived as a 16 year old stockman working on some of Queenslands largest cattle stations to the west of Cairns. He later served all over the region as a police officer and commercial pilot. These days he can be found flying visitors over the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, teaching karate at Cairns Karate School, or producing beautiful pottery.

Buy A Bale

The Buy A Bale initiative originally started with Chris’s poem, Don’t Sell Australia Out.  This poem is displayed in the Ice-Creamery and read by many people, one of whom was a gentleman by the name of Barry O’Bryan. Barry was very taken with Chris’s poem and asked if Chris would mind if he put it to music. After the pair spoke Barry went to work, and several months later a CD arrived via post at the Ice-Creamery. Inside was Barry’s song using the lyrics of the poem, and what a fantastic job it turned out to be!  We were so amazed at the quality of the work that we knew we had to do something with it, so with the permission of both Barry and Chris, we now print copies of the poem and song and sell these for $10. All proceeds are donated to the Buy A Bale Foundation which helps our farmers in need.